Talent development

Talent management is a process in which the identification of talented employees and potential successors, placing them in the right place in the organization and effective development is the key to implementing the strategy. It decides about the success of each business. A huge challenge and a great opportunity for companies is the release of the hidden potential of talents that are having a real impact on people as well as the way they think and act, the level of personal and team effectiveness and achieving goals and business results of the organization.

Based on the latest research results, proven tools and methods as well as extensive international experience, we develop and implement dedicated solutions that help organizations achieve exceptional business results .

We offer full development support in four key areas:

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  • Neuroleadership

    Neuroscience and behavioral economics (Nobel Prize 2017 - Richard H. Thaler) provide empirical, research-based "hard" knowledge and show how the learning process translates into changes in our actions and behaviors. The analysis of the results of scientific research acquired over 25 years gives the opportunity to understand how the human brain functions and learn the best methods to develop, measure and monitor its performance. By understanding how the brain affects our behavior, we gain full awareness of our actions, emotions and prejudices. We deepen the ability to understand others, improve communication and relationships in teams, better manage ourselves and others.

    Leadership is a key factor shaping the organization. It affects the commitment, motivation, level of cooperation and attitudes of people and entire teams. Based on the latest research results and landmark discoveries of neuroscience and behavioral economics , we support talents and their talented teams with the knowledge and innovative tools that ensure the exercise of the brain in such a way that it achieves optimal performance in everyday activities. We show how to use brain knowledge to communicate better with the employees, implement changes and create a friendly and effective work environment.

    Cooperation effects: 

    • Improving the effectiveness of leadership and management by gaining greater awareness and knowledge about the processes that take place in the brain and about their control in relation to the organization's needs and the profile of the group (sales, marketing, production, etc.)
    • Building a culture of cooperation , increasing the level of responsibility, commitment and motivation to achieve the set goals.
    • Increased stress resistance , through rational and goal-oriented activities, along with improving communication and influencing the team or organization.
    • Building a culture of psychological safety and higher efficiency of work and support for creativity, innovation and balance (work-life balance).
  • Organizational change

    New technologies, changing business environment, dynamic development of the organization and change of leadership significantly affect the transformation of business. The key challenge is to convert the vision of transformation into reality by matching the leadership model and organizational culture as well as the company's competences and structure to the adopted business strategy. It is important to develop soft skills to provide hard and measurable results .

    We provide a full range of support in change management:

    • We design and implement processes of specific changes in organizations focused on the implementation of the set business results.
    • We implement workshops at all levels of the organization - for the management and managerial staff, project team and employees.
    • We build readiness to change and permanently shape the attitudes of teams and entire organizations , supporting the implementation of the project at all stages of its implementation.
    • Based on proven and effective mechanisms for change management in the organization and extensive international experience, we develop and implement dedicated solutions .
    • We share the experience gained in many projects carried out in Poland and worldwide .
  • Team

    Team management - building and development

    Effective team management is a process that begins with team building, motivating people to greater responsibility and commitment to finally achieve the highest possible business efficiency .

    We offer support in the following aspects:

    • Acquiring and fitting the right people , taking into account not only their competences but also the human factor that matches the culture and needs of an organization or team to the highest degree.
    • Strengthening the leadership skills necessary for effective team management.
    • Support in achieving desired business results (common vision, precise objectives, cooperating team, responsibility for achieving the goal, etc.).
    • Interventions (new challenges, crisis situations, conflicts, barriers to cooperation, low team efficiency, mergers, acquisitions, succession, etc.).
  • Sales

    We help our clients effectively implement sales strategies and develop sales teams .

    We provide support at all levels of the organization:

    • Strategic workshops for the management and managerial staff to clarify the vision and goals and to develop and implement effective solutions to achieve the business results.
    • Workshops for teams to develop and improve the efficiency of sales and marketing forces.
    • Recruitment of employees of sales departments at all levels.

We design and implement:


strictly adapted both to the specifics of the company and to future challenges faced by a group of managers or specialists.


focused on the implementation of the set business results.


(power speech), embedded in the realities of business, inspiring to change and release the hidden potential of talented employees.