Mentoring and coaching

We offer the opportunity to cooperate with experienced coaches and mentors - both managers, entrepreneurs, business practitioners, as well as psychologists with coaching experience, people with different personalities, experience and certificates. We focus on effective business solutions.


Mentoring is a process that focuses on supporting and usage the potential of a manager, entrepreneur or talented employee. It teaches, develops self-consciousness and competences, and thoroughly evaluates the business environment and management style. It allows you to use the full potential of the participant, achieve better results and increase business efficiency. The relationship between mentor and mentee is based on trust, full discretion and partnership.

Executive coaching

Executive coaching is the art of combining the organization's challenges and personal needs of the manager at the highest level in the organization's hierarchy. It strengthens selected leadership competencies, ensures personal and professional development, focuses on action strategies and team management as well as increases work efficiency and managerial effectiveness.

Team coaching

Each team is a living and dynamic system endowed with a specific personality, mentality and vision of action. Team coaching is used to transform a group of individuals into a sustainable, creative and effective team that is able to successfully implement the company's strategy and achieve the business results. It pays special attention to the business model, to existing resources, opportunities or challenges. For an organization, it is the process of building the leadership position of a new era.

Career coaching

A service addressed to organizations to support the development process, succession planning or building employer branding.